How to apply

Wood Preparation

All unfinished wood pieces should be prepared by sanding  before applying a finish to it and removal of all dust particles. Sanding will reduce  surface scratches on the wood which will minimize drying time and will also provide a more even sheen. We recommend finishing with 320 grit or higher for all our oils.


Apply a very thin even coat to the wood with a lint free cloth at room temperature.Pour a small amount of oil onto the cloth and begin working the oil onto the surface working your way over the entire piece occasionally adding more oil to your cloth. It is very important that only a small amount of oil is used and must be well worked into the piece.

For Danish Oil leave for a minimum of 15 minutes and for Wax Polish, Wax Oil and Varnish Oil leave for a minimum of 60 minutes.
After the oil has soaked into the surface rub with a clean lint free cloth briskly until the surface feels dry with no oil residue left. The surface will be dry but feel oily to touch.
Allow the finishes to cure, Danish Oil a min of 8 hours and Wax Polish, Wax Oil and Varnish Oil 24 hours.

Before applying the second coat burnish(rub) the surface with 0000 steel wool until silky smooth and ensure the surface is clean with the use of a tack cloth.
Proceed to apply the 2nd and 3rd coats. For a deeper shine and more protection you may wish to apply more coats.

Parr’natural wood finishes covers approximately 20 square metres per litre, when used as per instructions.