PARR’S natural wood finishes are based in a polymerized linseed oil system. Linseed oil is a natural product that is pressed from the dried seeds of the flax(Linum usitatissimum) and is commonly called flaxseed or linseed oil. Recently the potential health benefits from omega 3 in flaxseed have raised awareness of the plant’s popularity.
Raw linseed oil can be used as a wood finish but it can take weeks for it to fully cure. It is for this reason why PARR’S use a polymerized linseed oil which is somewhat more viscous than raw linseed oil (making it more difficult to spread and apply) but dries considerably more quickly.
Polymerization of the oil is accomplished by applying heat to the oil in the absence of oxygen.

PARR’S natural wood finishes contain no petroleum distillates(Naptha, Mineral Spirits, and Dipropylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether) to thin out the linseed oil,no heavy metallic driers (such as cobalt and Manganese) and no volatile organic compounds known as VOC’s. All these driers and distillates are extremely harmful.

PARR’S natural wood finishes are longer lasting, more durable and present no risk to your health because there are no solvents or metallic driers used. All of our products give second-to-none performance over prepared or unprepared surfaces to provide a deep, natural finish. PARR’S natural wood finishes are plant derived from sustainable agricultural resources. Linseed oil is pressed from the seeds of the flax plant whose fiber is used for making linen. Beeswax is a by-product of honey production, Carnauba Wax a by-product of palm tree leaves and varnish resin (hardened tree sap) is a natural forest product
Polymerized linseed oil finishes have been adapted from 18th to early 20th century varnish-making techniques and by using current technology and quality control measures to ensure a consistent and natural product. We have taken the approach that a simple, natural finish is safer for us to work with, as well as, provide customers with a non-toxic wood finish.