Frequently asked questions.

As long as the container is sealed there is no known use by date. Over time a skin may form due to oxidation, which can be removed and the oil is safe to use.

Parr’s natural wood finishes are classed as water resistant. We recommend standing water be removed.

Parr’s natural wood finishes are completely food safe as they contain no solvents or dryers.

Place all oily rags in a bucket of water then place in sealed polythene bags before disposing of. Please do not leave oily rags out as the linseed oil will continue to oxidise which will form heat and may cause spontaneous combustion over time.

The dry time between coats is 24 hours and the final cure time is 2-3 weeks,  we recommend only very light use until final curing.

We only recommend using a lint free cloth or a roller but only a very thin coat is applied.

We recommend burnishing with extra fine steel wool 0000 grade, this will polish the wood to a smooth finish and highlight the grain.

Parr’s natural wood finishes if applied correctly can last many many  years without the need to re coat. This is because of the properties of linseed oil. Items such as chopping boards or wood flooring is subject to more wear and may need re coating sooner.

A thin coat means using very little of the finish unlike solvent based wood finishes which you tend to flood the wood. We recommend a small dab on the lint free cloth when applying. A little goes a long way

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Parr’s natural wood finishes are heat proof but always recommend the use of trivets.

No.  Parr’s natural wood finishes are 100% food safe . Linseed oil may cause mild skin dryness so if you are sensitive latex gloves are always an option.

We recommend a soap based for cleaning and we will be shortly offering this product.

Yes they can use over oil paints. milk paints and clay paints but cannot be used over acrylic paints.

Some woods absorb more oil than others don’t worry you will need to rub the wood vigoursly with a lint free cloth until touch dry and then you can resume application process.

Yes you can, we recommend natural earth pigments

To repair Parr’s natural wood finishes simply sand over the damaged area with 320g sandpaper and apply new finish, blend as necessary, burnish and repeat until happy with colour.

No you do not need to ventilate as no solvents or dryers are present our products have a slight smell similar to old fashioned window putty which disappears when dry.