Danish Oil

Danish oil has been used as a wood finish since the mid 20th century when the Dane's started exporting furniture around the world. 

The choice of finish was a drying oil and due to public popularity of the furniture the oil became known as Danish Oil




Danish oil made from the flaxseed plant



Other manufacturers claim there products are safe when dry but obviously are not when in a wet state but even when dry they will give of VOC's for a very long time.

These nasty chemicals are petroleum distillates(Naptha, Mineral Spirits, Dipropylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether)  and turpentine.

They also contain metallic drying agents which can be magnesium  cobalt and again are extremely toxic.

Why are we different

Here at Parr's we have manufactured our Danish oil in a different way  by not using any nasty ingredients which evaporate into the atmosphere and into you lungs. These ingredients contain volatile organic compounds which to the trade are known as VOC's. 

 Parr's Danish oil is a polymerised linseed oil which contains no solvents or dryers it is made up of 100% oil. Our Danish oil dries by a process caused by oxidation.  This is simply drying by air and hence why they are known as drying oils.

We do not use any chemicals to speed up the process or dilute with solvents.

This is why our application process is completely different.

"Only a little" is our philosophy. Which means you only need a little oil on a cloth to apply and make sure it is evenly rubbed in. 

Recommended uses

We recommend our Danish Oil be used on chopping/cutting boards, internal doors and windows, skirting boards, architraves and internal wood work.


Application of Parr's Danish Oil

Wood Preparation. All unfinished wood pieces should be prepared by sanding before applying a finish to it and removal of all dust particles. Sanding will reduce surface scratches on the wood which will minimize drying time and will also provide a more even sheen. We recommend finishing with 320 grit or higher for all our oils.
Apply a very thin even coat to the wood with a lint free cloth at room temperature .Put a small amount of oil onto the cloth and begin working the oil onto the surface working your way over the entire piece occasionally adding more oil to your cloth. It is very important that only a small amount of oil is used and must be well worked into the piece. Leave for a minimum of 15 minutes and after the oil has soaked into the surface rub with a clean lint free cloth briskly until the surface feels dry with no oil residue left. The surface will be dry but feel oily to touch. Allow the Danish Oil to cure for a min of 8 hours Before applying the second coat burnish(rub) the surface with 0000 steel wool until silky smooth and ensure the surface is clean with the use of a tack cloth. Proceed to apply the 2nd and 3rd coats. For a deeper shine apply additional coats.


So recapping what makes our Danish oil different from other manufacturers,

Completely safe in both wet and dry forms and does not give of any VOC's into the environment.

Contains no solvents or dryers

Made from natural ingredients: 100%Polymerised linseed oil.

No bleed through of solvent evaporating.

We are doing are part in protecting our world and hopefully you will as well.